Our business focuses on helping runners and endurance athletes find the homes of their dreams, but we can sell anyone a home whether they are a runner or not.  

You can get world class real estate brokerage service at a lower cost than ever before.  We believe that you should get good value for your money when you hire a real estate company to help you buy or sell a home. We help home buyers and sellers get the competent, trustworthy and reasonable help they deserve without paying the high fees associated with traditional real estate firms.

We are here to guide and consult as you make extremely important decisions regarding the largest financial transaction(s) you may ever make.  We offer full service representation and since no two clients are the same we have multiple options to fit your exact needs.  Give us a call today and see the difference.  

In any real estate transaction you are going to spend a lot of money, not just the house itself but all of the fees associated with the transaction.  You're going to want to preserve as much of your capital as possible in the process.  The largest expense (other than the house) is always the real estate agent's fees.  This is where we come into the picture.

We believe that we can offer the same full service of other traditional firms and do it with a far lower cost to buyers and sellers.  When you decide to buy or sell a house you shouldn't need to argue and negotiate with the agent who is supposed to be helping you.  

Our listing fees are often half as much as "traditional" firms.  On a home with a $300,000 sale price the difference between a traditional 6% fee and our 3.4% buyer/seller fee is more than $7000.  This is "real" money you get to keep when you sell your home.  

Our buyers always get free home and pest inspections when they work with us.

‚ÄčIt's time you found a real estate firm who values your money almost as much as you do.  You have a lot to gain by changing your expectations on how your real estate company should work for you.

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