Are we agents, advisors, analysts or all of these?

We aren't just here to facilitate real estate transactions.  We are here to provide guidance and expertise while you are buying or selling your home.  Our job is not to "sell" you a home.  Our primary job is too make sure you do not make a disastrous financial mistake.  We take real estate information and decipher it in a way that our clients can clearly understand their position in the real estate market.  We take our responsibilities several steps further than typical agents. 

My home is my biggest financial asset, right?

Depends on who you ask.  We personally look at a personal residential property as one of your biggest financial liabilities.  Your personal residential property is not going to create an income stream for you.  You will dump large amounts of money into your home while you live there.  Even if you pay cash for your home you still have maintenance costs, insurance and taxes to pay annually.  Homes are incredibly expensive and making a mistake when you buy a home can be difficult to unwind.

What is the biggest concern I should have when Buying a home?

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make in your life. Often times emotions run high and could potentially cause buyers to overlook some glaring issues. Homes are full of ongoing projects and repairs. Some of these can be devastatingly costly.  Buyers can get drawn to more than what they need or settle on a home that has too many negative attributes.  Be aware of houses adjacent to busy  roads, railroads, steep driveways, planned developments or any other potential cost killing attribute.  We are here to make sure you understand these issues, how these issues affect a home's current value and how these issues can affect the value of the home when it is sold in the future.

When looking at homes, what should I consider, what creates value in a home?

Location is the biggest driver of the home's value.  Secondary drivers are home features, lot features, etc.  Similar houses in two different but adjacent neighborhoods can have vastly different values.  Within a neighborhood many factors can raise or lower the value of a home.  These factors can range from proximity to a nice view (raising value) or proximity to a busy road (lowering value).  Within a neighborhood houses that back up to a busy street can be worth tens of thousands of dollar less than houses across the street that do not back up to a busy street.  Your 1Red Shoe agent will work closely with you to discuss home value details of each property you visit to ensure you get the information necessary to make an educated decision.


Where should I begin?

Beginning your home search can be overwhelming. Start by making a list of "must haves" and "like to haves".  These needs range from: school district, proximity to work, traffic concerns, room layout, lot layout, etc. is helpful when we meet with you to set up your MLS search. You will get daily e mails of any homes that fit your criteria. Use your checklist as you look through these home. Does the home meet all of your "must have" needs? Does it have most of your "nice to have" needs?  These lists may fluctuate along the way and we will work closely with you to find a home that fits your needs.

What if I'm ready to make an offer?

This is where 1Red Shoe Realty is set apart from the competition.  We don our coveralls and grab our flashlight and conduct a quick survey of the home before you decide to make an offer.  We will check the crawlspace for water issues, roof age, foundation for cracking, HVAC age, plumbing type, window condition, flooring condition, age of kitchen and bathrooms, etc.  Before you make an offer on a home you will know many of the flaws with the property and potential pitfalls you may face during the escrow process. We will give you the information you need to make a fair offer. Then we will guide you through the negotiation process, due diligence phase, inspections, etc. We will walk next to you through the entire home buying process communicating clearly every step of the way.

What if I am selling my home?

Selling a home is a straightforward process.  You want to sell your home and you need to find that perfect someone who wants to live in your house!  Your home will sell when you get the price, staging and marketing aligned.  You must understand that there are many forces that affect the value of your home from its location within a neighborhood to the features within the home itself.  Enhancing the good features of your home and downplaying the negative features takes some work but all of this ties into the price and marketing of the home.  How well your house is exposed/marketed to the buying public is important.  The most important thing when selling your home is getting the price of your home inline with reality.  Through market analysis and feedback we can estimate a selling price range for your home.  Once a home is listed for sale we can solicit feedback from buyers who view the home and gauge how they perceive the price.  Be flexible, if the market starts telling you that your price is too high you need to make adjustments quickly.